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The Kool Kids Sign website's original purpose was to support the Hearing Impaired child in the Regular Education classroom. The goal was to provide sign language support for peers and information for regular education teachers.

Kool Kids Sign has expanded to include useful information for all teachers with an emphasis on teachers who work with signing students in the mainstream, self contained classrooms or schools for the deaf. The biggest emphasis is technological. Technology provides many opportunities for a child with a hearing loss to stand on equal terms with hearing peers. Kool Kids Sign wants to help teachers provide the opportunities.


Links for Teachers

A Child With Hearing Loss in a Regular Education Classroom-a resource for the regular education teacher.

Teacher Resource Links-The Internet provides a wealth of resources that are just waiting to be accessed if you know where to find them. Kool Kids Sign wants to help. Here you will find links to many different resources for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Cochlear Implanted Kids.
Lesson Plan Resource Links-these are different lessons/units I made for my instructional technology classes and some websites I created to help my students understand and practice difficult concepts.
Games at Kool Kids Sign-online educational games that are fully accessible for deaf and hard of hearing children-emphasizing sign language based games.
Stories at Kool Kids Sign-thanks to a wonderful friend I have begun developing stories to go with the games. Each will be presented in American Sign Language with a printable format for reading lessons. There will also be worksheets to go with them.

Presentation Materials-I have begun making presentations showing teachers how to use technology in their classroom. PowerPoint is more than a presentations tool. It can be interactive. Here is information and examples to show you how to make computer games and storybooks, both of which can include sign language directly in the PowerPoint.

Click on the PESDHH presentation link on the right hand side to get to the materials and examples.